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We are here to help you own the best software product in various fields by executing websites, web applications, and mobile applications with the best quality, and providing web hosting services at the highest level of security and protection.

Our mission at vzadi is to help you start in the digital world. vzadi for Information Technology Services is an Egyptian joint-stock company founded in 2023 with tax registration number 32064, to strongly enter the field of information technology services. After a successful start in 2010 through the Technology Center for Computers, we have continuously sought development and progress in various information technology services to provide the best service to our customers and the highest quality of products, whether software or hosting services on company servers. This ambition has not stopped here; we aim to expand our presence across the entire Arab world and some African countries, thanks to the trust of our valued customers.

Our Vision

The company always directs its vision towards focusing on everything that is new. We strive diligently to be at the forefront in all directions, so we can meet the desires of the audience, which always seeks excellence. Since 2010, we have continued to evolve to ensure a distinguished level of service for all our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission at Fazadi is to assist you in entering the digital world, successfully managing your projects, and making everything easy for you. In addition, we are committed to providing high-quality customer service and constantly striving to be at the highest technological level to satisfy our valued customers.

Services Provided by the Company

Secondly: Hosting Services

It includes full servers, cloud servers in various data centers, live streaming servers, video communication, file transfer, shared hosting for individuals and companies, email hosting, and domain registration at competitive prices.

Thirdly: Software Services

Design and development of websites
Design and development of web applications
Design and development of mobile applications
Design and development of chat and social media applications
Design and development of company management systems
System analysis and information systems consulting
Free technical support
Professional team
24/7 technical support
Fair prices
You can receive any inquiry


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